1 Introduction to the Oracle PCA Plug-in

This chapter provides a general overview of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) plug-in, including supported hardware and software.

The following topics are discussed:

About the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) is an integrated, "wire once," software-defined converged infrastructure system designed for rapid deployment of private cloud at industry-leading price point.

The Oracle PCA supports a large range of mixed workloads hosted in a converged server, network, and storage environment to enable general purpose, business-, and mission-critical application deployments in medium-to-large data centers.

With Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, the Private Cloud Appliance is transformed into a powerful Cloud Services delivery platform and provides a simple path from on-premise to Oracle Cloud.

About the Oracle Virtualization Plug-in

The Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT) plug-in has been extended to support monitoring and management of the Oracle PCA Racks by Enterprise Manager. Through Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, you can monitor the various hardware components of the Oracle PCA rack (such as compute nodes, InfiniBand switches, and so forth).

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Features


Oracle PCA Features:

  • "Turnkey" converged infrastructure solution automates hardware and software deployment with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance controller software.

  • Easy private cloud deployment ranging from IaaS to DBaaS by adding Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c.

  • Support for Oracle VM Templates enables deployment of ready-to-run VMs containing applications in minutes or hours, not days.

  • Oracle SDN software reduces operational complexity by enabling software-defined infrastructure in a "wire-once" system.

  • Saving hundreds of hours of installation and configuration time.

  • Faster Time-to-Market at industry-leading price point.

  • Reduced risks by running Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris workloads on one system.

  • Efficient Oracle software licensing based on what you use, not on the system's total capacity.

  • Lowered acquisition, deployment and operational costs.

  • Innovative converged infrastructure solution from a single vendor allows for superior ease-of-purchase, product integration, simplified management and single point of contact for support.