Removing the Oracle PCA Target from Enterprise Manager

To remove the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) target from Enterprise Manager monitoring:


Removing the Oracle PCA target from Enterprise Manager monitoring will also remove all PCA components from monitoring (for example, the Compute and Management Nodes, InfiniBand switches, Ethernet and Fabric Interconnect switches, Storage Servers, and so forth).

  1. From the Targets menu, select the Private Cloud Appliance item:

    Figure 4-28 Targets Menu

    Image Targets Menu

    Then, on the Targets page, select the Private Cloud Appliance item and click Remove.

  2. Alternatively, you can remove the target from the PCA target home page. Click the Private Cloud Appliance menu, then select Target Setup, then select Remove Target:

    Figure 4-29 Remove Target

    Image Remove Target

  3. A confirmation pop-up window appears:

    Figure 4-30 PCA Target Removal Confirmation

    Image PCA Target Removal Confirmation

    Click Yes to continue.

  4. After the PCA target is removed, the All Targets page will reload. A confirmation message will show that the PCA target and all of its components have been removed:

    Figure 4-31 Oracle PCA Target Removed - All Targets Page

    Image Oracle PCA Target Removed - All Targets Page