Enterprise Manager Agent Recovery After Oracle PCA Upgrade

This procedure covers Enterprise Manager agent recovery for Oracle PCA upgrades from version 2.3.1. If your Oracle PCA is not 2.3.1 then refer to My Oracle Support note 2242177.1, which includes steps for Oracle Enterprise Manager.


  • For Private Cloud Appliance v2.3.3 and lower, the Enterprise Manager agent must be stopped before initiating the PCA upgrade. To stop the agent run the following command: /nfs/shared_storage/oemagent/agent_13. stop agent .
  • It is recommended to upgrade the OMS and PCA management node agent to the latest version of the VT and supporting plugins.
  1. With the root account backup the oraInventory agent to the NFS-shared location:
    cd /u01/app
    tar -cvf EMagent_oraInventory.tar oraInventory
    cp EMagent_oraInventory.tar /nfs/shared_storage
  2. Create the full blackout on Oracle PCA rack.

    To create full blackout on Oracle PCA rack, login to the Enterprise Manager 13c UI as the Cloud Administrator and do the following:

    • From the Targets menu, select Private Cloud Appliance.

    • From the Private Cloud Appliance home page menu, select Control, and then select Create Blackout option.

    Enter suitable information describing the reason for the blackout.
  3. Update the Oracle PCA rack.
    For more information, refer to Updating Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.


    If you are running or upgrading to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software v2.4.3 or lower, then Steps 4 to 10 are not required.
  4. The next step is to recover the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent installed on the NFS shared storage which is presented to both active and passive management nodes.
    You should restore the oraInventory backup taken in the first step as the root user on the active management node:
    NODE: MASTER: True"
    cp /nfs/shared_storage/EMagent_oraInventory.tar /u01/app
    tar -xvf EMagent_oraInventory.tar
  5. Keep the same password you created in Installing the Management Agent on Oracle PCA for the oracle user on both management nodes:
    passwd oracle
  6. Run the privileged agent scripts as root on the active management node:
  7. The Oracle Enterprise Manager agent needs to be under control of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance software and not any local OS based startup scripts. Therefore, as the root user on the active management node, you should remove any OS based rc.* links to scripts.
    for x in `find /etc/rc.*/rc* | grep gcstart`; do  rm $x; done
  8. Copy the following agent installation files to the passive management node as the root user (ExampleUser1 is passive in this example):
    scp /etc/init.d/gcstartup root@ExampleUser1:/etc/init.d/
    rsync -og /etc/oragchomelist root@ExampleUser1:/etc/oragchomelist
    rsync -rog /u01/app/oraInventory/ oracle@ExampleUser1:/u01/app/oraInventory
  9. Add the Enterprise Manager agent port to the number chosen during agent push (see Installing the Management Agent on Oracle PCA) to the firewall settings on both management nodes (active and passive):


    By default, the Enterprise Manager agent port 3872 is pre-populated by PCA software. If you used this default Enterprise Manager agent port 3872 for pushing the agent, then this step is not needed.
    For PCA 2.4.4 and above using the root user:
    firewall-cmd --add-port <agent_port>/tcp --permanent
    firewall-cmd --reload

    For PCA 2.4.3 and below using the root user:

    iptables -I INPUT <line_num> -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport <agent_port> -j ACCEPT

    line_num is the any line number before the iptables rule to block all traffic. line_num can be obtained using the following commands as root user:

    service iptables status
    service iptables save
    service iptables reload
  10. If you are using Kubernetes, on the active management node run the following command as oracle user:
    /nfs/shared_storage/oemagent/agent_inst/bin/emctl setproperty agent -name preferIPv6Addresses
    -value false
  11. Restart the Enterprise Manager agent on the active management node as oracle user from the agent's EMCTL command:
    /nfs/shared_storage/oemagent/agent_inst/bin/emctl stop agent
    /nfs/shared_storage/oemagent/agent_inst/bin/emctl start agent
  12. Remove the blackout on Oracle PCA rack.


On Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X3-2, after the upgrade of Private Cloud Appliance is complete and the agent is restored, you must ensure that Prerequisites to Monitor the Fabric Interconnect in Oracle Private Cloud Appliance are met to enable the new Fabric Interconnect Target features in Oracle PCA.