Chapter 3 Updating Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Due to the nature of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance – where the term appliance is key – an update is a delicate and complicated procedure that deals with different hardware and software components at the same time. It is virtually impossible to automate the entire process, and more importantly it would be undesirable to take the appliance and the virtual environment it hosts out of service entirely for updating. Instead, updates can be executed in phases and scheduled for minimal downtime. The following table explains how an Oracle PCA update handles different levels or areas of appliance functionality.

Table 3.1 Functional Break-Down of an Appliance Update


Physical Location


controller software

management nodes

all components required to set up the management cluster, manage and configure the appliance, and orchestrate compute node provisioning

virtualization platform

compute nodes

all components required to configure the compute nodes and allow virtual machines to be hosted on them

component firmware

infrastructure components

all low-level software components required by the various hardware components for their normal operation as part of the appliance