7.9 Servicing the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES

This section provides instructions to service replaceable components (CRUs/FRUs) in the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES. Before starting any service procedure, read and follow the guidelines in Section 7.2, “Preparing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for Service”.

7.9.1 Powering Down the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES for Service (When Required)

If you need to execute a service procedure that requires the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES to be powered down, follow these instructions:

Powering down the storage head/controller

Because the storage controllers are clustered, there is no loss of access to storage when one controller is powered down for service. Performing a graceful shutdown ensures that data is saved and not corrupted, and that resources are assigned to the other controller in the storage head cluster. Power down a controller for component replacement using one of the following methods:

  • Log in to the UI by using the server's IP address in the appliance management network:

    1. In your browser, enter https://ipaddress:215.

    2. Log in as root, using the system-wide Oracle PCA password.

    3. Click the Power icon on the left side under masthead.

  • Alternatively, SSH in to the storage appliance as root, and enter the command maintenance system poweroff.

If graceful shutdown as described above is not possible, use the power button:

  • Use a pen or non-conducting pointed object to press and release the Power button on the front panel.

  • SSH or use a serial connection to log in to the service processor (SP), and then issue the command stop /SYS.

  • If the server did not respond, initiate an emergency shutdown. Press and hold the Power button for at least four seconds until the Power/OK status indicator on the front panel flashes, indicating that the storage controller is in standby power mode. To completely remove power, disconnect the AC power cords from the rear panel of the storage controller.


    An emergency shutdown causes all applications and files to be closed abruptly without saving. You might corrupt or lose system data, or lose the server configuration (the resources assigned to it) during an immediate power down.

Powering down the disk shelf is not required

All replaceable components in the disk shelf are hot-swappable. The disk shelf itself does not need to be powered down for the replacement of defective components.

However, do not remove a component if you do not have an immediate replacement. The disk shelf must not be operated without all components in place.

Powering on the storage appliance


The disk shelf must not be operated without all components in place.

  1. Connect any storage head power and data cables you removed to service a component.

  2. Power on the server by pressing the Power button on the front panel.

    If you are not physically located at the system, use either of these ILOM methods instead:

    • Log in to the Oracle ILOM web interface.

      Click Host Management > Power Control, and in the Actions list click Power On.

    • Log in to the Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI).

      At the CLI prompt, type the following command: start /System.

  3. When the controller is powered on and the power-on self-test (POST) code checkpoint tests have completed, the green Power/OK status indicator on the front panel lights and remains lit.

  4. If you performed a graceful shutdown earlier, return resources to the server that was just serviced.

    1. Log into the web UI for the server that was not serviced.

    2. Go to Configuration > Cluster.

    3. Click Failback.


    For information about configuring the clustered servers and attached disk shelves, see the Oracle ZFS Storage System Administration Guide for the appropriate software release.

7.9.2 Service Procedures for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES Components

For parts that are not hot-swappable, power down the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES before starting the service procedure.


If you need to execute a service procedure that interrupts the connection between virtual machines and their virtual disks, shut down the virtual machines in Oracle VM Manager prior to servicing the storage hardware. Disconnecting a running virtual machine from its disks may cause data corruption.

Generally speaking, hot-swappable components can be serviced without specific additional steps for Oracle PCA. Follow the applicable procedure in the Service Manual. The following table provides links to each service procedure and indicates whether parts are hot-swappable or require the component to be taken offline and powered down.

Table 7.19 Service Procedures for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-ES Components

Replaceable Part(s)



Storage head hard drives



Disk shelf drives



Fan modules



Storage head power supplies



Disk shelf power supplies



Memory modules

(Oracle-qualified service technician only)



PCI Express risers

(Oracle-qualified service technician only)



PCI Express cards

(Oracle-qualified service technician only)






Disk shelf I/O modules

(Oracle-qualified service technician only)



Disk shelf SIM boards

(Oracle-qualified service technician only)