7.12 Servicing an Oracle Switch ES1-24

This section provides instructions to service replaceable components (CRUs/FRUs) in an Oracle Switch ES1-24. Before starting any service procedure, read and follow the guidelines in Section 7.2, “Preparing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for Service”.

7.12.1 Powering Down the Oracle Switch ES1-24 for Service (When Required)

If you need to execute a service procedure that requires the Oracle Switch ES1-24 to be powered down, follow these instructions:

Powering down the switch

  1. To power down an individual power supply, remove its power cord.

  2. To power down the switch, remove the power cords from both power supplies.

Returning the switch to operation

  1. Reconnect the power cords to both power supplies.

  2. Verify that the switch has power by checking the status LEDs.

    The AC LED lights green to indicate the power supply is connected to line power. A moment later, the OK LED lights green to indicate the power supply is fully operational.

7.12.2 Service Procedures for Oracle Switch ES1-24 Components

For parts that are not hot-swappable, power down the Oracle Switch ES1-24 before starting the service procedure.


Internal Ethernet connectivity is affected while the component is out of service. Please take the necessary precautions.


When replacing the entire switch assembly, begin by saving the configuration from the existing component, so that you can restore the configuration after replacement.

Generally speaking, hot-swappable components can be serviced without specific additional steps for Oracle PCA. Follow the applicable procedure in the Service Manual. The following table provides links to each service procedure and indicates whether parts are hot-swappable or require the component to be taken offline and powered down.

Table 7.22 Service Procedures for Oracle Switch ES1-24 Components