Chapter 4 The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Command Line Interface (CLI)

All Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) command line utilities are consolidated into a single command line interface that is accessible via the management node shell by running the pca-admin command located at /usr/sbin/pca-admin. This command is in the system path for the root user, so you should be able to run the command from anywhere that you are located on a management node. The CLI provides access to all of the tools available in the Oracle PCA Dashboard, as well as many that do not have a Dashboard equivalent. The design of the CLI makes it possible to script actions that may need to be performed more regularly, or to write integration scripts with existing monitoring and maintenance software not directly hosted on the appliance.

It is important to understand that the CLI, described here, is distinct from the Oracle VM Manager command line interface, which is described fully in the Oracle VM documentation available at

In general, it is preferable that CLI usage is restricted to the active management node. While it is possible to run the CLI from either management node, some commands are restricted to the active management node and return an error if you attempt to run them on the passive management node.