7.7 Servicing a Sun Server X4-2

This section provides instructions to service replaceable components (CRUs/FRUs) in a Sun Server X4-2 management node or compute node. Before starting any service procedure, read and follow the guidelines in Section 7.2, “Preparing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for Service”.

7.7.1 Powering Down Sun Server X4-2 for Service (When Required)

If you need to execute a service procedure that requires the Sun Server X4-2 to be powered down, follow these instructions:


The management nodes are not placed in maintenance node for servicing. If you need to power down the master management node, bring it offline as described below and wait for the other management node to take over the master role. If you need to power down the secondary management node, no additional steps are required.

Placing a compute node into maintenance mode

Before a Sun Server X4-2 compute node can be powered down, it must be placed into maintenance mode from within Oracle VM Manager. As a result, all virtual machines running on the compute node are automatically migrated to other servers in the Oracle VM server pool, if they are available. For details, refer to the section Placing an Oracle VM Server into Maintenance Mode in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.

  1. Log in to the Oracle VM Manager Web UI.

    For details, refer to the section Section 5.2, “Logging in to the Oracle VM Manager Web UI” in the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Administrator's Guide.

    1. Enter the following address in a Web browser: https://manager-vip:7002/ovm/console.

      Replace manager-vip with the virtual IP address, or corresponding host name, that you have configured for your management nodes during installation.

    2. Enter the Oracle VM Manager user name and password in the respective fields and click OK.

  2. In the Servers and VMs tab, select the Oracle VM Server in the navigation pane. Click Edit Server in the management pane toolbar.

    The Edit Server dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the Maintenance Mode check box to place the Oracle VM Server into maintenance mode. Click OK.

    The Oracle VM Server is in maintenance mode and ready for servicing.

  4. When the Sun Server X4-2 is ready to rejoin the Oracle VM server pool, perform the same procedure and clear the Maintenance Mode check box.

Powering down the system

These steps briefly describe the procedure. For detailed instructions, refer to the chapter Preparing for Service in the Sun Server X4-2 Service Manual (part no. E38041).

  1. Power down the server gracefully whenever possible.

    The easiest way is to press and quickly release the Power button on the front panel.

  2. Perform immediate shutdown only if the system does not respond to graceful power-down tasks.


    System data may become corrupted during an immediate power down. Use this task only after attempting to power down the server gracefully.

  3. Disconnect the power cables and data cables from the server.

  4. Extend the server to the maintenance position.

  5. Most service operations can be performed while the server is in the maintenance position.

    However, if necessary, remove the cable management arm (CMA) and pull the server out of the rack.


    The server weighs approximately 18.1 kg (39.9 lb). Two people are required to dismount and carry the chassis.

Returning the system to operation

These steps briefly describe the procedure. For detailed instructions, refer to the chapter Returning the Server to Operation in the Sun Server X4-2 Service Manual (part no. E38041).

  1. If the top cover was removed to service a component, reinstall the top cover on the server.

  2. If the server was removed, reinstall it into the rack.

  3. Return the server to its normal operational position in the rack, making sure the CMA is correctly installed.

  4. Reconnect data cables and power cords.

  5. Power on the server.

7.7.2 Service Procedures for Sun Server X4-2 Components

For parts that are not hot-swappable, power down the Sun Server X4-2 before starting the service procedure. If the server is in use in the Oracle VM environment, place it in maintenance mode first. This protects your virtual infrastructure against data corruption, and allows it to remain in service as long as the configuration of your environment allows it.

Generally speaking, hot-swappable components can be serviced without specific additional steps for Oracle PCA. Follow the applicable procedure in the Service Manual. The following table provides links to each service procedure and indicates whether parts are hot-swappable or require the component to be taken offline and powered down.

Table 7.17 Service Procedures for Sun Server X4-2 Components