Flexible Database Access Control

Enterprise Manager 13.1 introduces flexible database access control for Enterprise Manager Database Plug-in. The new out of box roles align with database personas and provide tighter access control on managed target databases. Before the introduction of this feature an Enterprise Manager user granted access on the database had access to all of the database management features, such as performance management, high availability management, storage management, security management and so forth. Enterprises have different classes of users such as DBA, Application Developer, Application DBA, and Infrastructure DBA that need to access database management functions. There is a need for a flexible privilege model to accommodate these roles. For example, enterprises may want their application developers to access only performance management functions in a View Only mode.

Providing enterprise users access to unnecessary features and pages opens up the database to security vulnerabilities. Oracle recommends that you grant Enterprise Manager users the minimum number of privileges required to perform their job. Introducing these out of box database management roles grants users access to only the Enterprise Manager pages required to perform their job.

Fine grained privilege control for Enterprise Manager Database plug-in provides a privilege control model for database pages. This enables Enterprise Manager super administrators to grant the minimum access to Enterprise Manager administrators and users required to complete their more specific responsibilities.

High levels of security can be implemented using the new flexible DB access control features for database management. This section includes the following: