Discover Autonomous Databases Using EM CLI

You can use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI) verb add_cloud_db_target, to discover an Autonomous Database in Oracle Enterprise Manager.


emcli add_cloud_db_target


  • -target_name: Name of the Autonomous Database target.
  • -target_type: Type of Autonomous Database. The target type value for Autonomous Data Warehouse databases is oracle_cloud_adw and the value for Autonomous Transaction Processing databases is oracle_cloud_atp.
  • -agent_host: Host on which the agent that you are using to discover the Autonomous Database is installed and running.
  • -zip_file_location: Location of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Client Credentials (Wallet) .zip file. The .zip file location should be accessible from the OMS host.
  • -credentials: Monitoring user credentials. It is recommended that you use the adbsnmp user account. See About User Accounts.
  • -wallet_password: The wallet password set in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console when downloading the OCI Client Credential Wallet.
  • -service_name: Predefined database service name of the Autonomous Database. The low database service is the default value and to perform monitoring and management tasks, it is recommended that you use the low database service.

    Note that Oracle Enterprise Manager supports both TCP and TCPS using the TLS protocol for Autonomous Databases – Dedicated, and only TCPS using the TLS protocol for Autonomous Databases – Shared. The default protocol for Autonomous Databases – Dedicated is TCP.

    For information on Database Service Names, see the Predefined Database Service Names section in the documentation for the Autonomous Database you are discovering.

  • -is_dedicated: True for an Autonomous Database – Dedicated and False for an Autonomous Database – Shared. If a value is not specified for this parameter, then it defaults to an Autonomous Database – Shared.
  • -standby_agent_host: Host on which a backup agent is installed. If the primary agent goes down or crashes, then the backup agent monitors the target. This is an optional parameter.


emcli add_cloud_db_target