EAGLE Documentation

Oracle Communications EAGLE is a signaling platform that extends signal transfer point (STP) and signaling gateway (SGW) assets to LTE, M2M and Wi-Fi domains for enhanced connectivity, capacity and revenue. As part of an "intelligent evolution" towards LTE, EAGLE converges key SS7 assets onto a single signaling platform. EAGLE delivers SS7-focused STP and SGW assets that help operators better manage intelligent routing, screening services, number portability (NP), equipment identify register and integrated performance/service management from the same database technology and footprint. As they build out the LTE portions of their network, operators gain seamless connections to PSTN SS7/TDM transports.

EAGLE Application Processor

Release 16.2

Release 16.1

Release 16.0

EAGLE Element Management System

Release 46.6

Release 46.5

Release 46.3

Release 46.2

Release 46.0

Release 45.0

EAGLE FTP Table Base Retrieval

Release 4.5

EAGLE LNP Application Processor

Release 10.1

Release 10.0

EAGLE Query Server

Release 1.0


Release 13.3

Release 13.2

Release 13.1

Release 13.0