About This Guide

The OCSS Installation and Maintenance Guide provides information about the components of the Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) that you need to install and manage. The guide explains each component along with the high-level installation process and detailed installation instructions. The guide also explains the related maintenance and management operations.

OCSS Operations Documented in this Guide

  • Establishing an Oracle Cloud account and obtaining the OCSS subscription
  • Downloading the OCSS software
  • Installing and managing the Cloud Communications Service
  • Configuring OCSS on the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller

Documentation Set

The following table describes the documents included in the Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) documentation set.

Related Documentation

The following list describes related documentation for the Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS). You can find the listed documents on http://docs.oracle.com/en/industries/communications/ in the "Session Border Controller Documentation" section.


The following table provides the revision history for this document. Oracle updates the documentation set with each software release. When one or more of the documents requires an update between software releases, Oracle issues an interim update limited to the affected documents.

Date Description
June 2020
July 2020
September 2020 Interim Documentation Update
  • Adds the Note about using Sp Ls to the "Add the OCSSC SPL Plug-in" topic.
October 2020
October 2020 Interim Documentation Update
  • Updates the SPL entry for ocss-client-config=httpClientConfigName in the "Configure the Oracle Session Border Controller for the OCSSC Service" topic.
December 2020 Interim Documentation Update
  • Clarifies the Operating System requirement for the Policy Decision Engine and Cloud Communication Service.
February 2021
March 2021 Interim Documentation Update
  • Adds a cross reference to the "CCS Configuration Behind NAT or a Firewall" topic in the OCSSC Security and Privacy Guide from the "Install, Configure, and Activate the Cloud Communication Service" topic in this guide.
April 2021 Interim Documentation Update
  • Adds the Note that the Cloud Communication Service (CCS) does not support simultaneous use of the same CCS instance to the "Install, Configure, and Activate the Cloud Communication Service" topic.
June 2021
August 2021
November 2021
February 2022
May 2022
August 2022
September 2022
  • Updates the procedure in the "Add the OCSS SPL Plug-in" topic.
February 2023

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