1 Summary of the Oracle® Communications Security Shield

Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) is subscription-based Oracle® Cloud service that provides the following services, components, and operations to help secure your telephony network.

The OCSS service evaluates SIP-based calls that it receives from the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (OCSBC), determines a reputation score for each call, and sends the corresponding action to the OCSBC to enforce.

The OCSS service provides a Dashboard where you can view data about call traffic and manage how you want the SBC to handle risky calls. Through the tabs on the Dashboard, you can set thresholds for call activity and you can create lists of phone numbers for the OCSS service to use when determining the reputation scores and actions.

Most of the OCSS service components and operations reside in the Oracle Cloud, but you must install the Cloud Communications Service (CCS) on-premises for communication between your Session Border Controller and the Oracle Cloud. You must also enable your Session Border Controller for OCSS operations. The OCSS service in the Oracle Cloud hosts the Dashboard and the Analytics Cloud Service.
  • The Dashboard is the Graphical User Interface that displays visualizations of call activity and other OCSS operations.
  • The OCSS service applies rules, provides call behavior analytics, sends the enforcement actions to the Session Border Controller.
  • The Analytics Cloud Service uses a combination of multiple services designed to perform advanced analytics on a sample data set.
  • The Cloud Communication Service (CCS) establishes a secure ground-to-cloud tunnel for on-premises OCSS components to communicate with OCSS components in the Oracle Cloud.

You must contact your Oracle sales representative to subscribe to the OCSS because it is not available for purchase through the Oracle online marketplace.

See the OCSS User's Guide for overviews, illustrations, and descriptions of the service. Oracle Recommends that you read this guide first.

See the OCSS Installation and Maintenance Guide for information about obtaining the service as well as deployment instructions for installing the on-premises components.