D Changes to IDCS and OCI IAM Operations

Oracle recently merged the Identity Cloud Services (IDCS) operations into the native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Identity Access Management (IAM) service, no longer offering IDCS as a separate service. The following information describes the changes and what they mean to both IDCS and OCI IAM users.

As of January 17, 2022, new Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) customers will manage their tenancies through OCI Identity Domain.

During February 2022, Oracle begins migrating existing IDCS instances to the new OCI Identity Domain model. Existing customers can manage their tenancies through IDCS until their migration completes.

During March, 2022, tenancy management through IDCS ends. All customers manage their OCSS tenancies through OCI Identity Domain from this date forward.


The updated service will not be deployed to all regions at once. Banners on the IDCS and OCI sign on screens will indicate when identity domains are enabled in your region and where to find more information.