How Does The Upgrade to OCI Identity Domain Impact Existing Identity Cloud Service Instances?

None of the existing Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) features or functionality will change as part of the migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Identity Domain. Oracle will merge IDCS into OCI Identity Domain, where it will become an integral component.

As a native service of OCI, OCI Identity Domain takes advantage of infrastructure that offers consistently high performance, enterprise scalability, availability in all the Oracle global cloud regions, and an extensive set of regulatory compliance and security certifications.

The OCI Identity Domain service will serve all current IDCS use cases, including providing a standalone Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution for managing access across numerous third-party applications. IDCS customers migrating to OCI Identity Domain do not need to consume any other OCI services to continue using the services previously provided by IDCS.

Oracle will prepare each IDCS instance to be managed through the OCI console as an identity domain. All existing configurations, security settings, user and group populations, and access assignments will continue to exist with no interruption. Users who authenticate through custom sign-on screens may not even know that a change occurred.

The system will re-route IDCS Administrators from the existing IDCS administrative console to the Identity Domain console where IDCS instances will be listed as OCI Identity Domains. Administrators can browse to their list of domains and will be able to manage domains in a way similar to the current IDCS console experience. See Managing Identity Domains.

The upgrade makes no changes to pricing, metering, or included features for OCSS instances. You will continue to use your existing OCSS entitlements and any others you are entitled to use.