Oracle Banking APIs Cloud Service

With more than 1,800 ready-to-deploy business and foundational banking APIs, Oracle Banking APIs Cloud Service empowers banks to establish an open banking platform to accelerate innovation while complying with regulations. The solution equips banks to improve the customer experience and revenue opportunities by embedding their services with a growing ecosystem of partners, including e commerce portals, enterprise software, and more.

Oracle Banking APIs Cloud Service

Oracle Banking APIs Cloud Service is a digital banking solution that provides comprehensive packaged APIs across retail banking, corporate banking, corporate process management, account aggregation and payments. They help third-party developers build customer-facing applications, internal banker applications, and create connections from corporate ERP systems directly to the bank’s core processors, providing a platform for endless innovation among banks, corporates and Fintechs. Foundational APIs provide the functionality required for the smooth and secure execution of banking transactions. They consist of security management, access management, alerts, limits management, feedback analysis, and approval functions which also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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