Oracle MICROS Simphony Essentials

The Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud Service, Essentials Edition, is the point-of-sale solution for small- and medium-sized restaurants. The Simphony Essentials point-of-sale client runs on the Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 and Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series devices. The Simphony Essentials kitchen display client runs on the Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Controller 210, Oracle MICROS Express Station 4 Series, and Oracle MICROS Workstation 625E.

Make sure to check out the Simphony Essentials Release Notes to see what's new in the latest release.

New Users

We’re excited for you to start using Simphony Essentials. Your dedicated project manager will be in touch shortly to quickly get you up and running on Simphony Essentials. In the meantime, complete all tasks identified below now in preparation for your meeting with the project manager.

Gather your key restaurant information

When your project manager calls, have your menu on-hand, as well as a list of your employees. You should also be prepared to answer some basic questions about your business, such as days open and hours of operation.

Introduce your team to Simphony Essentials training

We have created three web pages for Simphony Essentials. One page is for Table Service Restaurants, one is for Quick Service, and one is for Bars. Open the page that fits your business, and share the link with your team.

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Existing Users

Welcome back! Use the Books link to review Simphony Essentials documentation for your role.