Add a user to a study in Oracle Clinical One Platform

A product administrator who was created as a global user adds the first user to a study and assigns study roles. The first user in a study is typically an administrator who is responsible for adding other users to the study. This user is called a user and site administrator.After the user and site administrator is added to a study, the global user can continue adding users, or the user and site administrator can add the remaining users.
Before you can add a user to a study, you must:

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To add a user to a study in Oracle Clinical One Platform:
  1. On the Home page, click Study Settings (settings button) , then select Open Settings.
  2. Below the study name, click the Users tab.
  3. Click Create/Assign User.
    The Create/Assign User window opens.
  4. Click Assign a User.
  5. From the User Name field, select the user to be assigned to the study.
    The First Name, Last Name, and Email fields automatically populate.
  6. For Effective Date Range, enter a From date, defining when the user can first access the study and a To date, defining when access to the study will end. If an end date has been defined, the user's access will expire at 11:59 PM UTC on that date.


    To allow the user access without expiring, select No End Date. We recommend specifying the end date for a user, so you can have a record of when the user had access to the study after it ends. Specifying an end date is also recommended in place of removing a user, making it easier to reinstate a user, if needed.
  7. Select the appropriate Study Roles for each mode, then click Next.
  8. Select the sites and depots for the user according to their roles. For more details, see Best practices for role, site, and depot assignment.


    You can select All Sites and All Depots or you can select individual sites and depots.
  9. Click Finish.
    You are presented with the system message, Success, The <user name> user has been created.
The user receives an email with the name of the study, the URL for Oracle Clinical One Platform, and the date when they can start working.