Retail Fiscal Management Cloud Service 23.1.301.0

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Retail Fiscal Management Cloud Service is designed to help retailers manage their fiscal and compliance requirements as they relate to fiscal data and documents. RFMCS allows for the setup of fiscal attributes at various levels for items, item/location, item/supplier, and for entities such as stores, warehouses, suppliers, and partners. Once these attributes are configured, fiscal classification can be performed, which associates attributes to the items and entities. The fiscal classification can be completed via RFMCS screens or via web service. The fiscal attributes configuration allows for the definition of the type of attribute, including support for pre-defined lists of values. Lists can be created using the product’s web services, allowing for bulk data maintenance. System behavior and integration indicators are also supported in the fiscal attributes setup.

Note: Supplemental Documentation is available on My Oracle Support (DocID: 1585843.1).

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