Oracle Retail's solution portfolio allows retailers to drive performance, deliver critical insights, fuel growth across all channels, and deliver what customers want most: empowered commerce.

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Supply Chain

Store Operations

Omnichannel Commerce


Oracle Retail Data Models

Oracle Retail Data Model documents are restricted proprietary information and are not available on Oracle Technology Network. To find the Data Model for an application (assuming that one has been published), see the documentation folder packaged with the release code. You can also obtain Data Models from My Oracle Support (formerly MetaLink):

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To get started with Oracle Retail Documentation or review the documentation offerings available with the Oracle Retail Enterprise applications, download the Oracle Retail Documentation Welcome Kit.

Key Supplemental Documentation

Documentation for Oracle Retail also includes noteworthy supplemental enterprise technical documentation, available on My Oracle Support. The Documentation on My Oracle Support page lists some of the key enterprise level technical documentation available for Oracle Retail applications in the My Oracle Support knowledge base. Click the following link for the Oracle Retail Licensing Information User Manual.

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