Retail Xstore Office 23.0.0

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Oracle Retail Xstore Office Oracle Retail Xstore Office is a central web-based management console that provides for the effortless management of the data and configurations that empower your associates. The user interface within Oracle Retail Xstore Office provides streamlined functionality that guides users through configuration changes, data changes, and deployments. Granular security access can create a custom experience for users of all access levels. Multiple support tools and alerts enable IT leaders to take a proactive approach to managing multiple installations.

Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service is a point-of-sale application that provides the capabilities to carry out day-to-day transactions and conduct daily store activities. Tasks such as scanning items, applying price adjustments, tendering, and printing receipts as well as processing returns and web orders can be performed. Store operations including opening the store, managing registers, and tills, and closing the store can be handled through Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service.

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