Retail Order Management Suite Cloud Service 23.2.301.0

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Oracle Retail Order Management Foundation Cloud Service
This cloud service is a required module that maintains and serves all Order Management Suite related information. In addition to managing order and inventory data, the service includes support for execution strategies that are based on omnichannel Order Orchestration and Administration.

Oracle Retail Order Administration Cloud Service (formerly known as Order Management System Cloud Service)
This cloud service manages direct-to-consumer orders, whether they are taken on the website, contact center, or in the retail store. Order Administration provides visibility into the entire order process, and allows customer service representatives (CSR) to manage the exceptions. From creation to shipment, Order Administration helps the business save time, increases efficiency, and meets the customer’s brand expectations.

Oracle Retail Order Orchestration Cloud Service (formerly known as Order Broker Cloud Service)
This cloud service provides a view of inventory across the enterprise for the rules-based brokering engine to determine the optimal fulfillment location. With real-time visibility into inventory and order status, businesses can make informed decisions, avoid stockouts or delays, and maximize margins.

Oracle Retail EFTConnect Cloud Service
Oracle Retail EFTConnect is a product that enables Oracle to remove Order Administration Cloud Service from the costly and frequently changing Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). The solution has been adopted as the strategic approach for the Order Management Suite and enables the rapid support of payment solutions by working with payment providers who are local, and/or offer an extensive international network. EFTConnect uses an industry-standard interface to the Order Administration Cloud Service and then translates the messages to the relevant format, enabling the Order Administration Cloud Service to be outside of the payment scope. For more information, see the Order Administration Modern View Online Help.

Note: Supplemental documentation is available in the Retail Order Management Suite Cloud Service Documentation Library on My Oracle Support (DocID: 2953017.1)

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