The Oracle Retail Order Broker Vendor Integration Guide describes the process an integrated vendor can use to receive purchase orders from the Supplier Direct Fulfillment module, and confirm shipment of the purchase orders, using web service messages rather than the Vendor Portal screens. This guide includes details on message contents and provides configuration instructions.


This document is intended for the users and administrators of Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service.

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Oracle Retail Cloud Services and Business Agility

Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service is hosted in the Oracle Cloud with the security features inherent to Oracle technology and a robust data center classification, providing significant uptime. The Oracle Cloud team is responsible for installing, monitoring, patching, and upgrading retail software.

Included in the service is continuous technical support, access to software feature enhancements, hardware upgrades, and disaster recovery. The Cloud Service model helps to free customer IT resources from the need to perform these tasks, giving retailers greater business agility to respond to changing technologies and to perform more value-added tasks focused on business processes and innovation.

Oracle Retail Software Cloud Service is acquired exclusively through a subscription service (SaaS) model. This shifts funding from a capital investment in software to an operational expense. Subscription-based pricing for retail applications offers flexibility and cost effectiveness.