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Documentation Accessibility

For information about Oracle's commitment to accessibility, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program website at

Access to Oracle Support

Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support. For information, visit or visit if you are hearing impaired.

Related Documents

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See the Order Broker Cloud Service documentation library at the following URL:

Customer Support

To contact Oracle Customer Support, access My Oracle Support at the following URL:

When contacting Customer Support, please provide the following:
  • Product version and program/module name

  • Functional and technical description of the problem (include business impact)

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to re-create

  • Exact error message received

  • Screen shots of each step you take

Improved Process for Oracle Retail Documentation Corrections

To more quickly address critical corrections to Oracle Retail documentation content, Oracle Retail documentation may be republished whenever a critical correction is needed. For critical corrections, the republication of an Oracle Retail document may at times not be attached to a numbered software release; instead, the Oracle Retail document will simply be replaced on the Oracle Help Center Web site.

This process will prevent delays in making critical corrections available to customers. For the customer, it means that you must verify that you have the most recent version of the Oracle Retail documentation set. Oracle Retail documentation is available on the Oracle Help Center at the following URL:

An updated version of the applicable Oracle Retail document is indicated by Oracle part number, as well as print date (month and year). An updated version uses the same part number, with a higher-numbered suffix. For example, part number E12345-02 is an updated version of a document with part number E12345-01.

If a more recent version of a document is available, that version supersedes all previous versions.

Oracle Retail Documentation on the Oracle Help Center

Oracle Retail product documentation is available on the following web site:

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