Module java.base
Package java.nio.file

Class Paths

  • public final class Paths
    extends Object
    This class consists exclusively of static methods that return a Path by converting a path string or URI.
    API Note:
    It is recommended to obtain a Path via the Path.of methods instead of via the get methods defined in this class as this class may be deprecated in a future release.
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    • Method Detail

      • get

        public static Path get​(URI uri)
        Converts the given URI to a Path object.
        Implementation Requirements:
        This method simply invokes * Path.of(URI) with the given parameter.
        uri - the URI to convert
        the resulting Path
        IllegalArgumentException - if preconditions on the uri parameter do not hold. The format of the URI is provider specific.
        FileSystemNotFoundException - The file system, identified by the URI, does not exist and cannot be created automatically, or the provider identified by the URI's scheme component is not installed
        SecurityException - if a security manager is installed and it denies an unspecified permission to access the file system
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