Module jdk.naming.rmi

module jdk.naming.rmi
Provides the implementation of the RMI Java Naming provider.
Implementation Note:
The following implementation specific system properties are supported by the default RMI Naming Service Provider implementation in the JDK:
  • jdk.jndi.object.factoriesFilter:
    The value of this system property defines a filter used by the JNDI runtime implementation to control the set of object factory classes which will be allowed to instantiate objects from object references returned by naming/directory systems. The factory class named by the reference instance will be matched against this filter. The filter property supports pattern-based filter syntax with the same format as jdk.serialFilter. This property can also be specified as a security property. This property is also supported by the default LDAP Naming Service Provider.
    The default value allows any object factory class specified by the reference instance to recreate the referenced object.
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