Module java.base

Interface CompoundElement<E extends ClassFileElementPREVIEW>

Type Parameters:
E - the element type
All Superinterfaces:
ClassFileElementPREVIEW, Iterable<E>
All Known Subinterfaces:
ClassModelPREVIEW, CodeAttributePREVIEW, CodeModelPREVIEW, FieldModelPREVIEW, MethodModelPREVIEW

public sealed interface CompoundElement<E extends ClassFileElementPREVIEW> extends ClassFileElementPREVIEW, Iterable<E> permits ClassModelPREVIEW, CodeModelPREVIEW, FieldModelPREVIEW, MethodModelPREVIEW (not exhaustive)
CompoundElement is a preview API of the Java platform.
Programs can only use CompoundElement when preview features are enabled.
Preview features may be removed in a future release, or upgraded to permanent features of the Java platform.
A ClassFileElementPREVIEW that has complex structure defined in terms of other classfile elements, such as a method, field, method body, or entire class. When encountering a CompoundElementPREVIEW, clients have the option to treat the element as a single entity (e.g., an entire method) or to traverse the contents of that element with the methods in this class (e.g., elements(), forEachElement(Consumer), etc.)
Sealed Class Hierarchy Graph:
Sealed class hierarchy graph for CompoundElementSealed class hierarchy graph for CompoundElement