Module java.base

Interface ModulePackagesAttribute

All Superinterfaces:
AttributePREVIEW<ModulePackagesAttributePREVIEW>, ClassElementPREVIEW, ClassFileElementPREVIEW, WritableElementPREVIEW<ModulePackagesAttributePREVIEW>

public sealed interface ModulePackagesAttribute extends AttributePREVIEW<ModulePackagesAttributePREVIEW>, ClassElementPREVIEW
ModulePackagesAttribute is a preview API of the Java platform.
Programs can only use ModulePackagesAttribute when preview features are enabled.
Preview features may be removed in a future release, or upgraded to permanent features of the Java platform.
Models the ModulePackages attribute 4.7.26, which can appear on classes that represent module descriptors. Delivered as a ClassElementPREVIEW when traversing the elements of a ClassModelPREVIEW.

The attribute does not permit multiple instances in a given location. Subsequent occurrence of the attribute takes precedence during the attributed element build or transformation.

The attribute was introduced in the Java SE Platform version 9.