Module java.base

Class AclEntry


public final class AclEntry extends Object
An entry in an access control list (ACL).

The ACL entry represented by this class is based on the ACL model specified in RFC 3530: Network File System (NFS) version 4 Protocol. Each entry has four components as follows:

  1. The type component determines if the entry grants or denies access.

  2. The principal component, sometimes called the "who" component, is a UserPrincipal corresponding to the identity that the entry grants or denies access

  3. The permissions component is a set of permissions

  4. The flags component is a set of flags to indicate how entries are inherited and propagated

ACL entries are created using an associated AclEntry.Builder object by invoking its build method.

ACL entries are immutable and are safe for use by multiple concurrent threads.

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