Module java.base

Interface BasicFileAttributeView

All Superinterfaces:
AttributeView, FileAttributeView
All Known Subinterfaces:
DosFileAttributeView, PosixFileAttributeView

public interface BasicFileAttributeView extends FileAttributeView
A file attribute view that provides a view of a basic set of file attributes common to many file systems. The basic set of file attributes consist of mandatory and optional file attributes as defined by the BasicFileAttributes interface.

The file attributes are retrieved from the file system as a bulk operation by invoking the readAttributes method. This class also defines the setTimes method to update the file's time attributes.

Where dynamic access to file attributes is required, the attributes supported by this attribute view have the following names and types:

Supported attributes
Name Type
"lastModifiedTime" FileTime
"lastAccessTime" FileTime
"creationTime" FileTime
"size" Long
"isRegularFile" Boolean
"isDirectory" Boolean
"isSymbolicLink" Boolean
"isOther" Boolean
"fileKey" Object

The getAttribute method may be used to read any of these attributes as if by invoking the readAttributes() method.

The setAttribute method may be used to update the file's last modified time, last access time or create time attributes as if by invoking the setTimes method.