Module java.base

Interface DosFileAttributeView

All Superinterfaces:
AttributeView, BasicFileAttributeView, FileAttributeView

public interface DosFileAttributeView extends BasicFileAttributeView
A file attribute view that provides a view of the legacy "DOS" file attributes. These attributes are supported by file systems such as the File Allocation Table (FAT) format commonly used in consumer devices.

A DosFileAttributeView is a BasicFileAttributeView that additionally supports access to the set of DOS attribute flags that are used to indicate if the file is read-only, hidden, a system file, or archived.

Where dynamic access to file attributes is required, the attributes supported by this attribute view are as defined by BasicFileAttributeView, and in addition, the following attributes are supported:

Supported attributes
Name Type
readonly Boolean
hidden Boolean
system Boolean
archive Boolean

The getAttribute method may be used to read any of these attributes, or any of the attributes defined by BasicFileAttributeView as if by invoking the readAttributes() method.

The setAttribute method may be used to update the file's last modified time, last access time or create time attributes as defined by BasicFileAttributeView. It may also be used to update the DOS attributes as if by invoking the setReadOnly, setHidden, setSystem, and setArchive methods respectively.