Module jdk.sctp

Class SctpServerChannel

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, Channel, InterruptibleChannel

public abstract class SctpServerChannel extends AbstractSelectableChannel
A selectable channel for message-oriented listening SCTP sockets.

An SCTPServerChannel is created by invoking the open method of this class. A newly-created SCTP server channel is open but not yet bound. An attempt to invoke the accept method of an unbound channel will cause the NotYetBoundException to be thrown. An SCTP server channel can be bound by invoking one of the bind methods defined by this class.

Socket options are configured using the setOption method. SCTP server socket channels support the following options:

Socket options
Option Name Description
SCTP_INIT_MAXSTREAMS The maximum number of streams requested by the local endpoint during association initialization
Additional (implementation specific) options may also be supported. The list of options supported is obtained by invoking the supportedOptions method.

SCTP server channels are safe for use by multiple concurrent threads.