Add Columns to a Dataset

You can develop your datasets by adding columns. For example, you might create a new column that concatenates columns ADDRESS_LINE_1, ADDRESS_LINE_2, and ADDRESS_LINE_3.

  1. On the Home page, select the dataset, click the Actions menu, and then select Open. In the Data Diagram or Join Diagram, right-click a data source and click Open to display the transform editor.
  2. In the transform editor, click Add Preparation Step.
  3. In Create Column, enter a Name for the column, and in the expression box define an expression to add values to the column. For example, to concatenate values in columns Category and Sub-category, you might specify: CONCAT(Category, Sub Category).
    Use the f(x) function picker to build an expression using operators, mathematical, string, and conversion functions.
  4. Click Validate and review the new column in the data preview.
  5. Click Add Step.
    Oracle Analytics adds a step to the Preparation Script panel.
  6. To save your data preparation changes and apply them to your data, click Save.