Bind a Parameter to a Reference Line or Band

You can bind a parameter to a visualization's reference line or band's date value or date range when you want to use a parameter value to place the reference line or band on the visualization.

When you bind a parameter to a reference line or band, you can add the same parameter as a dashboard filter so that the user can enter a date value or range to control the placement of a visualization's reference line or band.
  1. On the Home page, select the workbook with the visualization containing the reference line or band that you want to bind to a parameter, click Actions, and then select Open.
  2. Click to select the visualization and in the Grammar Panel, click Properties, and click Analytics.
  3. For a reference line, go to the Value field or for a reference band go to the From and Until field and click (x) Bind to Parameter.
  4. Click Create Parameter to create and bind the parameter to the reference line or band.
    Bind to parameter button

    The new parameter's name matches the column name.
  5. Optional: Go to the workbook's Data Panel, click Parameters, right-click the parameter you created from the date value or range, and select Edit Parameter to reviews and update the parameter's properties.
  6. Click Save.