Connect to Oracle Analytic Views

You can create a connection to Analytic Views in an Oracle Database to access data, build a dataset, and visualize data.

Dataset authors can use this connection type to consume Oracle Analytic Views data, including multi-dimensional objects, without having to understand the complexities of Java database connectivity (JDBC).

  1. On the Home page, click Create, then click Connection.
  2. Click Oracle Analytic Views and enter the connection details.
    • For Connection Type, select Basic to connect by specifying Host as an Internet Protocol (IP) address, Port, and Service Name for the Oracle database. For example, Host = <IP address>, Port = 9018, and Service Name = PDBORCL.
    • Alternatively, select Advanced to connect by specifying a Connection String. For example, (DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS_LIST =(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = <IP address)(PORT = 9018))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = PDBORCL)))
  3. Click Save.
    You can now create datasets using the connection and build workbooks.
When you create a dataset using the connection, select one of the cubes listed in the database. Then build a workbook using that dataset and start visualizing your data.