Create a Bin Column When You Prepare Data

Binning a measure creates a new column based on the value of the measure.

You can assign a value to the bin dynamically by creating the number of equal-sized bins or by explicitly specifying the range of values for each bin. You can create a bin column based on a data element.
  1. Open a project, and click Prepare. In the Preview data panel, select a column that you want to modify using the bin option.
  2. Click Options for the selected column, and select Bin.
  3. In the Bin step editor, specify the options for the bin column.
    • Enter a number or use the arrows to increment or decrement the number of bins.
    • Based on your selection in the Method field, the range and count of the bins are updated.
      • In the Manual method, you select the boundary (that is, minimum and maximum) of each bin. You can also change the default name of each bin.
      • In the Equal Width method, the boundary of each bin is the same, but the count differs. Based on your selection in the Bin Labels field, the bin column labels are updated.
      • In the Equal Height method, the height of each bin is the same or very slightly different but the range is equal.
    • If you select the Equal Width method, click to select a dimension (that is, an attribute data element) on which to apply the bin.
  4. Click Add Step to apply the data changes, close the step editor, and add a step to the Preparation Script Panel.