Create a Calculation Based on a Cluster or Outlier

You can save the underlying forumula that Oracle Analytics creates for clusters and outliers as a calculation and resuse it in other visualzations in the same workbook.

Creating a calculation like this enables you to analyze the same clusters or outliers across many visualizations with just a single click.
  1. On the Home page, open or create a workbook with a graph visualization.
    For example, you might open a workbook that contains a Scatter graph.
  2. In the Visualize canvas, hover over the visualization, right-click, then select Add Statistics.
  3. To add a cluster, select Clusters, or to add an outlier, select Outliers.
    Oracle Analytics adds the cluster or outlier to the Grammar Panel.
  4. In the Grammar Panel, click the Clusters or Outliers element, and select Add to My Calculations (or drag the element to the My Calculations area of the Data Panel).
    You can use this calculation to analyze clusters and outliers in other visualizations in the workbook.