About Removing or Restoring Dataset Columns

Removing columns doesn't permanently delete them from the table, and you can re-add the removed columns as needed for enrichments and transformations, or for inclusion in the visualizations that you create from the dataset.

It's important to understand that removing a column is different than deleting a column from a dataset:
  • Use Edit Definition to remove a column.
  • The Transform editor doesn't indicate which columns were removed, and removing a column doesn't add a step to the Preparation Script Panel. To confirm which columns were deleted or to re-add them, go to Edit Definition.
  • Use the Transform editor to delete a column.
  • Deleting a column creates a step in the Preparation Script Panel. Remove the step to restore the column.

You can create dataset filters on removed columns.

In some cases profiling and generating quality insights for a table that contains many columns can be time and resource-intensive. If you're working with a table with many columns and want to increase system performance, Oracle recommends that you remove any columns that you don't need before you perform any enrichments or transformations.

See Hide or Delete a Column and Remove or Restore a Dataset Table's Columns.