Undo and Redo Edits

You can quickly undo your last action and then redo it if you change your mind. For example, you can try a different visualization type when you don’t like the one you’ve just selected, or you can go back to where you were before you drilled into the data.

The undo and redo options are useful as you experiment with different visualizations. You can undo all the edits you've made since you last saved a project. However, in some cases, you can't undo and then redo an edit. For example, in the Create Data Set page, you've selected an analysis from an Oracle Application data source to use as a data set in the project. In the next step, if you use the undo option to remove the data set, you can't redo this change.
  • To undo or redo an edit, go to the toolbar for the project or the data set and click Undo Last Edit or Redo Last Edit. You can use these options only if you haven't saved the project since making the changes.

  • When you’re working on a project, click Menu on the project toolbar and select Revert to Saved to undo all the edits you've made since you last saved your project. Revert to Saved is enabled after you've saved the project for the first time. This option is automatically disabled if you select the Auto Save option.