What Are the System Administration Tasks?

System administrators need to take several steps to configure the system properly.

Administering the system involves the following tasks:

  • Configuring a system for deployment after installation

    Configuring metadata and content, general preferences, and default system settings.

  • Starting and stopping the system when required

    Bringing the system up and down during system maintenance tasks.

  • Configuring security

    Securing access to system, metadata, and data, configuring Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Single Sign-On (SSO), and integration with identity management systems.

  • Scaling out and configuring for high availability

    Configuring the system for linear scale-out (increasing capacity with more components on a machine) and identifying and removing single points of failure (adding more machines).

  • Managing performance and availability

    Monitoring service levels and tuning performance.

  • Managing and resolving issues

    Diagnosing errors and establishing resolutions.

  • Moving a system from test to production

    Managing the steps for moving from a test to a production environment.

  • Backing up and recovering data

    Preparing for and recovering from unexpected events.

See Get Started to Manage the System.