Get Started to Manage the System

Use this section to identify a task to complete, then click the corresponding link to display the appropriate content.

The table below describes the typical system administration tasks that you perform and indicates where to find related information.

System Administration Task More Information

Learning about system administration

See the topics in this section.

Contains information about the system architecture, components, tools, links to other related topics, and certification information.

Viewing system status

Display Oracle Analytics Server Pages in Fusion Middleware Control

Also contains information about using Fusion Middleware Control and using WebLogic Server Administration Console.

Configuring the system

Configure System Settings

Contains information about the available methods for updating configuration settings and where configuration files are located.

Starting and stopping the system

Start and Stop Your System

Contains various topics on starting and stopping components, in addition to troubleshooting information.

Managing availability and capacity

Scale and Deploy for High Availability and Performance

Contains chapters about scaling the environment, deploying for high availability, performance tuning, and query caching.

Diagnosing problems and resolving issues

Resolve Issues

Contains chapters about diagnosing and resolving issues and about usage tracking.

Configuring the system

Configuring Oracle Analytics Server

Contains chapters about required configuration such as configuring repositories and connections to external systems.

Modifying advanced configuration settings

Advanced Configuration Settings

Contains chapters about advanced and optional configuration settings for features such as analyses, dashboards, and maps.

Configuring Oracle BI Scheduler

Scheduling Jobs Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Managing the life cycle

Manage the Life Cycle

Contains chapters about life cycle management tasks such as patching, moving between environments, and backup and recovery.

Securing the system

  • Defines administrative role membership

  • Secures middle-tier communications

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Single Sign-On (SSO) aren't described in this guide. See Enable SSO Authentication and Configure SSL in Managing Security for Oracle Analytics Server.