PDF/X Output Properties

Set properties to configure PDF/X output.

PDF/X output properties are described in the table below. The values that you set for these properties will depend on the printing device. Note the following restrictions on other PDF properties:

  • pdf-version - value above 1.4 isn't allowed for PDF/X-1a output

  • pdf-security - must be set to False

  • pdf-encryption-level - must be set to 0

  • pdf-font-embedding - must be set to true

See Generate PDF/X output.

Property Name Description Default Internal Name

PDF/X ICC Profile Data

(Required) The name of the ICC profile data file, for example: CoatedFOGRA27.icc.

The ICC (International Color Consortium) profile is a binary file describing the color characteristics of the intended output device. For production environments, the color profile may be provided by your print vendor or by the printing company that prints the generated PDF/X file. The file must be placed under <bi publisher repository>/Admin/Configuration.

None pdfx-dest-output-profile-data

PDF/X output condition identifier

(Required) The name of one of the standard printing conditions registered with ICC (International Color Consortium). The list of standard CMYK printing conditions to use with PDF/X-1a is provided on the following ICC website: http://www.color.org/chardata/drsection1.xalter. The value that you enter for this property is a valid "Reference name," for example: FOGRA43.

Choose the appropriate value for the intended printing environment. This name is often used to guide automatic processing of the file by the consumer of the PDF/X document, or to inform the default settings in interactive applications.

None pdfx-output-condition-identifier

PDF/X output condition

A string describing the intended printing condition in a form that will be meaningful to a human operator at the site receiving the exchanged file. The value is set in OutputCondition field of OutputIntents dictionary. None pdfx-output-condition

PDF/X registry name

A registry name. Set this property when the pdfx-output-condition-identifier is set to a characterization name that is registered in a registry other than the ICC registry. http://www.color.org pdfx-registry-name

PDF/X version

The PDF/X version set in GTS_PDFXVersion and GTS_PDFXConformance fields of Info dictionary. PDF/X-1a:2003 is the only value currently supported. PDF/X-1a:2003 pdfx-version