PDF/A Output Properties

Set properties to configure PDF/A output.

PDF/A output properties are described in the following table. See Generate PDF/A Output.

Property Name Description Default Internal Name
PDF/A version

Select one of the PDF/A standards. The value is set in the xmpMM:Version field of the metadata dictionary. PDF/A-1B preserves the visual appearance and structure of the document. PDF/A-2B supports the PDF/A-1B features, preserves transparency, and uses compressed objects and XRef streams to make the PDF file size smaller.

PDF/A-1B pdfa-version
PDF/A ICC profile data

The name of the ICC profile data file, for example: CoatedFOGRA27.icc

The ICC (International Color Consortium) profile is a binary file describing the color characteristics of the environment where this PDF/A file is intended to be displayed. The ICC profile that you select must have a major version below 4.

To use a specific profile data file other than the default settings in the JVM, obtain the file and place it under <bi publisher repository>/Admin/Configuration. When you set this property, you must also set a value for PDF/A ICC Profile Info (pdfa-icc-profile-info).

Default profile data provided by JVM pdfa-icc-profile-data
PDF/A ICC profile info

ICC profile information (required when pdfa-icc-profile-data is specified)

sRGB IEC61966-2.1 pdfa-icc-profile-info
PDF/A file identifier

One or more valid file identifiers set in the xmpMM:Identifier field of the metadata dictionary. To specify more than one identifier, separate values with a comma (,).

Automatically generated file identifier pdfa-file-identifier
PDF/A document ID

Valid document ID. The value is set in the xmpMM:DocumentID field of the metadata dictionary.

None pdfa-document-id
PDF/A version ID

Valid version ID. The value is set in the xmpMM:VersionID field of the metadata dictionary.

None pdfa-version-id
PDF/A rendition class

Valid rendition class. The value is set in the xmpMM:RenditionClass field of the metadata dictionary.

None pdfa-rendition-class