4 Upgrading WebCenter in a Clustered Topology

Use this process to upgrade a clustered, multi-node WebCenter topology.

To upgrade a WebCenter cluster topology, where your domain has servers running on more than one machine, you will perform the entire upgrade process on the first node (Node 1) and then pack and unpack the domain on the other node(s) as described below.

To upgrade a clustered topology:

  1. Perform a complete upgrade on Node 1. Upgrading an Oracle WebCenter Domain
    1. Perform all post-upgrade configuration tasks. Performing Post-Upgrade Configuration Tasks
    2. Verify that the upgrade was successful. Verifying the New Applications Work as Expected
  2. Pack the Administration Server:
    cd NEW_ORACLE_HOME/common/bin
    ./pack.sh -managed=true -domain=DOMAIN_HOME -template=wcdomaintemplate.jar -template_name=wc_domain_template
  3. Copy wcdomaintemplate.jar to the ORACLE_HOME/common/bin on the other machines.
  4. Remove or move the old domain directories (DOMAIN_HOME and APPLICATION_HOME) on the other machines.
  5. Unpack the domain on each of the other machines:
    cd ORACLE_HOME/common/bin
    ./unpack.sh -domain=DOMAIN_HOME -template=wcdomaintemplate.jar -overwrite_domain=true

Troubleshooting a WebCenter Cluster Upgrade

If you encounter errors while upgrading your WebCenter clustered topology, review these post-upgrade tasks.

Accessing WebCenter Content URLs Post Upgrade

This step is only necessary when you cannot access WebCenter Content URLs after a clustered topology upgrade.

After performing pack and unpack on secondary nodes, you may not be able to access WebCenter Content URLs on secondary nodes. This happens when the pack and unpack process does not completely propagate the WebCenter Content Server on the secondary node.

  1. Modify the variables in the Intradoc.cfg file.
    a) Navigate to <Domain_Home>/ucm/cs/bin

    b) Locate the Intradoc.cfg file and update the server directory: IdcHomeDir with the new 12.2.1 install location instead of the11g install location.

    NOTE: You will need to do this for each WebCenter Content managed server.

  2. Modify the idcs_components.hda file.
    a) Navigate to <Domain_Home>/ucm/cs/data

    b) Locate the idcs_components.hda file and remove all deprecated components.

    TIP: To quickly update the file, create a copy of the existing idcs_components.hda file on Node1 and paste it on Node2 in the same location (<Domain_Home>/ucm/cs/data). This will overwrite the file on Node2.