Generating a New Certificate

You can generate a new certificate as follows:

  1. Go to the $(Oracle_Home)/webgate/otd/tools/openssl directory.

  2. Create a certificate request as follows:

    ./openssl req -utf8 -new -nodes -config openssl_silent_otd11g.cnf -keyout aaa_key.pem -out aaa_req.pem -rand $(Oracle_Home)/webgate/otd/config/random-seed/

  3. Self-sign the certificate as follows:

    ./openssl ca -config openssl_silent_otd11g.cnf -policy policy_anything -batch -out aaa_cert.pem -infiles aaa_req.pem

  4. Copy the following generated certificates to the webgate_instanceDirectory/webgate/config directory:

    • aaa_key.pem

    • aaa_cert.pem

    • cacert.pem located in the simpleCA directory


      After copying the cacert.pem file, you must rename the file to aaa_chain.pem.