Migrating an Existing Certificate

If you want to migrate an existing certificate (aaa_key.pem, aaa_cert.pem, and aaa_chain.pem), ensure that you use the same passphrase that you used to encrypt aaa_key.pem. You must enter the same passphrase during the RREG registration process. If you do not use the same passphrase, the password.xml file generated by RREG does not match the passphrase used to encrypt the key.

If you enter the same passphrase, you can copy these certificates as follows:

  1. Go to the webgate_instanceDirectory/webgate/config directory.

  2. Copy the following certificates to the webgate_instanceDirectory/webgate/config directory:

    • aaa_key.pem

    • aaa_cert.pem

    • aaa_chain.pem