C WLST Deprecated Features

Some WLST features are deprecated.

Implicit Exports

Implicit imports are deprecated, beginning in Release

Currently, by default, when WLST is started, the weblogic.jar is automatically added to the Jython sys.path so that all weblogic-related classes referenced in weblogic.jar are loaded into the WLST namespace. You can just reference these weblogic classes in your py script by calling weblogic.class directly. There is no need to import those weblogic classes explicitly by calling them using from weblogic import class. This provides a convenient way to reference weblogic classes in your py script.

However, loading weblogic classes into the WLST namespace during WLST startup adds execution time during startup and can cause performance issues.

Currently, you can disable auto-loading during the WLST startup by setting the following system property to true:


In a future release, WLST will disable weblogic class auto-loading during WLST startup. At that point, you will need to explicitly import classes using from weblogic import class. For example:

from weblogic.security.service import EJBResourceejbRes = EJBResource('DDPoliciesEar', 'DDPolinEarMiniAppBean.jar', 'DDRolesAndPolicies', 'getSubject', 'Remote', None)