1 About Oracle Traffic Director Installation

Oracle Traffic Director is a software load balancer that routes HTTP/S and TCP traffic to the back-end servers. The back-end servers, which are referred to as origin servers within Oracle Traffic Director, can be application servers, web servers, LDAP servers and so on.


As of, Oracle Traffic Director is deprecated.

In the future, for equivalent functionality, use Oracle HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS Web Server, or Apache HTTP Server plug-ins, or a native Kubernetes load balancer, such as Traefik.

Starting from 12c Release 1, in addition to being available for use with the engineered systems (Oracle Exalogic running either Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris and Oracle SuperCluster running Oracle Solaris), Oracle Traffic Director is available for customers with the Oracle WebLogic Server Multitenant or Oracle WebLogic Server Continuous Availability add-on options.


WebLogic Server Multitenant domain partitions, resource groups, resource group templates, virtual targets, and Resource Consumption Management are deprecated in WebLogic Server and will be removed in the next release.


Before you start installing Oracle Traffic Director, it is recommended that you get a basic understanding of its features, the related terminology, and the installation topology. For more information, see Getting Started with Oracle Traffic Director section of the Administering Oracle Traffic Director.

This chapter contains the following section:

Installing, Uninstalling and Reinstalling

Table 1-1 provides information about the tasks that need to be performed for installing Oracle Traffic Director.

Table 1-1 Installing, Uninstalling, and Reinstalling

Task Procedure

Installing Oracle Traffic Director

For more Information about Installation, see Installation Procedure.

Verification Procedure

For more Information about verification, uninstallation, and reinstallation, see Verifying the Installation.