9 Configuring Site Capture

After you configure Oracle WebCenter Sites: Site Capture Managed Servers, you can configure Site Capture with the Site Capture Configurator. You can also integrate Site Capture with the WebCenter Sites publishing process.

The following topics describe how to complete the configuration of Site Capture:

Configuring Site Capture with the Configurator

The Site Capture Configurator provides instructions to configure Sites Capture in interactive or silent mode, after you complete the prerequisite tasks.

Before configuring Site Capture, ensure that the following prerequisites have been done:
  • Create the necessary database schemas using the Repository Creation Utility, For more information see,Creating the Database Schemas.

  • Deploy at least one fully functional instance of WebCenter Sites.

  • Create Managed Servers for Site Capture using the WebLogic Configuration Wizard and the Oracle WebCenter Sites — Site Capture - [wcsites] template.

    For instructions, see Configuring the WebCenter Sites Domain.
You can start the Site Capture Configurator from the command line and run it in either interactive mode or silent mode to configure Site Capture. The Configurator provides configuration instructions.


When sites capture is installed in cluster on SSl using OHS webserver and integrated with OAM, below configuration must be performed.
<IfModule weblogic_module>
<IfModule weblogic_module>
WebLogicCluster site-capture-host-node1:site-capture-port-node1,site-capture-host-node2:site-capture-port-node2 
MatchExpression *
<IfModule weblogic_module>
WebLogicHost load-balancer-host  
WebLogicPort load-balancer-port 
MatchExpression *
	WLIOTimeoutSecs 1200
KeepAliveEnabled true 
	ConnectTimeoutSecs 60
ConnectRetrySecs 5
	SecureProxy ON 
	WLProxySSLPassThrough ON
	Debug ALL

Running the Site Capture Configurator in Interactive Mode

To run the Configurator in interactive mode, do these steps:

  1. Using the command line, navigate to the ORACLE_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/ directory.

  2. Run the Site Capture Configurator: java -jar sites-sitecapture-configurator.jar -configPath DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/config.

  3. Follow the instructions displayed in the Configurator.

  4. If the client is running Site Capture in an HTTPS environment, set the cookie-secure flag to true in weblogic.xml.

  5. Start the Managed Server hosting this Site Capture instance.

Running the Site Capture Configurator in Silent Mode

To run the Configurator in silent mode, do these steps:

  1. Edit the DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/config/wcs_sitecapture_properties_bootstrap.ini file and complete the instructions.

  2. Use the command line to change to the ORACLE_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/. directory.

  3. Execute java -jar sites-sitecapture-configurator.jar -silent DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/config.

  4. Start the Site Capture Managed Server.

Completing the Configuration of Site Capture

  1. Log in to WebCenter Sites.

  2. Access the Admin interface, click the Admin Tab, and navigate to System Tools and then Property Management Tool.

  3. Edit the valid.urls property, which accepts a comma-separated URLs. For Site Capture, add http://sitecapture-host:sitecapture-Port/__admin/*.

  4. Start the WebCenter Sites Managed Server.

Completing Site Capture Cluster Configuration

For cluster configuration, the Site Capture configuration directory must be shared across all the nodes in the cluster. The DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture directory from the primary node must be mounted and shared across all other nodes in the cluster. It should be a single copy of a folder used by all the nodes. This directory include the following directories:
  • oracle.wcsites.sitecapture.config

  • oracle.wcsites.sitecapture.crawler

These paths to new shared location in setStartupEnv.sh/.cmd file.


If the DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/sitecapture/config/wcs_sitecapture_properties_bootstrap.ini file was manually edited to change the WebCenter Sites password (oracle.wcsites.app.password) to a nonencrypted clear-text value, then the oracle.wcsites.sitecapture.password.replace value must be set to true.

If both SiteCapture and WCS share the same KeyStore, then set the oracle.wcsites.app.password=<saved in keystore>  ororacle.wcsites.sitecapture.password.replace=true to avoid any error caused by already existing key.

For more information about configuring Site Capture, see Using the Site Capture Application in Administering Oracle WebCenter Sites.


Because changes you make to a WAR file are not retained during redeployment, WAR file changes need to be copied over after each redeployment of the web applications. It is generally recommended to deploy the static artifacts such as images and stylesheet files onto the web server.

Integrating Site Capture with the WebCenter Sites Publishing Process

The completion of a RealTime publishing session can trigger Site Capture if it is integrated with the WebCenter Sites publishing process. The following procedure integrates the WebCenter Sites publishing system to communicate with your installed Site Capture application.

To integrate Site Capture with the WebCenter Sites publishing process, do the following steps after you install and configure the Site Capture application:
  1. On the WebCenter Sites source system, go to the FW_PublishingEventRegistry table and change the blocking value from N to Y for the listener com.fatwire.cs.crawler.RemoteElementInvokingPublishingEventListener.
  2. On the WebCenter Sites target system, do these steps:
    1. Click the Admin tab, and navigate to System Tools and then Property Management.
    2. Search by category for "Sitecapture".
    3. Edit the following four properties, and update the values as follows:
      • sitecapture.url: Specify one of the following values:

        • For a single-server installation, specify the URL of the Site Capture application:

        • For a clustered installation, specify the URL of the load balancer:

      • sitecapture.cas.url=http://cas-host:cas-port/__admin: Specify the CAS application that is pointed to by the Site Capture application.

      • sitecapture.cs.username=Rest-Admin-User: Specify the user name of the WebCenter Sites general Administrator exactly as it was specified during the Site Capture installation and configuration process.

      • sitecapture.cs.password=Password: Specify the Administrator user’s password exactly as it was specified during the Site Capture installation and configuration process.