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Library: Notes

Configuration Options     

Use this page to record notes about a Java EE library's deployment configuration.

The Java EE library feature provides an easy way to share one or more types of Java EE modules among multiple enterprise applications.

In particular, a Java EE library is a standalone EJB or Web application module, multiple EJB or Web application modules packaged in an enterprise application (EAR), or a single plain JAR file that is registered with the Java EE application container upon deployment.

After the library has been registered, you can deploy enterprise applications that reference the library. Each referencing application receives a reference to the required library module(s) on deployment, and can use those modules as if they were packaged as part of the referencing application itself. The shared library classes are added to the classpath of the referencing application, and the referencing application's deployment descriptors are merged (in memory) with those of the Java EE library modules.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Optional information that you can include to describe this configuration.

WebLogic Server saves this note in the domain's configuration file (config.xml) as XML PCDATA. All left angle brackets (<) are converted to the XML entity &lt;. Carriage returns/line feeds are preserved.

Note: If you create or edit a note from the Administration Console, the Administration Console does not preserve carriage returns/line feeds.

MBean Attribute:

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